Improve Marketing Campaign 


Call Tracking

Quantifying the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is made simple with our Sales and Marketing solution. Call data is collected and organized for you to easily evaluate and optimize your advertising effort toward channels that have the highest ROI.

Conversion analytics

Call source data including marketing medium, keywords, landing URL of callers is analyzed and shown in consolidated reports.   

Superior data accuracy

Dynamic Number Insertion technology will show different phone numbers to visitors in order to accurately match visitors with call data. 

Geographical Number Insertion

Automatically detects viewer location and show a relevant local number to them, giving visitors a sense that you are next door. 

Performance comparison

alls are categorized by marketing channels that generate leads for you to compare the effectiveness of each channel.

Lead hunting

Integrate with customized IVR, call forwarding, voicemail and VOIP system to reduce the complexity and cost of your solution.

Easy setup

Activation just takes a few minutes with no contract or IT resources required.

Testimonial by Customer

With B3Networks’s Call Tracking feature with Virtual Line, it allows us to statistically track the number of received and missed calls for all our employees. This can let us track things like which customer service officer are most proactive in answering calls or which of our sales staff has the highest average call duration.


- Satisfied Call Tracking Customer 

More Cloud PBX Features

Keywords Tracking

Tracking keywords searched by visitors to optimize content 

Online and Offline sources

Sharing the most active medium like, Facebook, organic search, TV or magazine.

Call Recordings

Qualify sales pitches through call recordings and calls statistics.

Geographic Tracking

Tracking user location and send data to reporting tools. 

Call Tagging

Callback with IVR prompt to tag calls to different categories.

Visual Report

Schedule CDR or visual reports to be sent to your email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Seamless Integration

Integrate in real-time with Google Analytics, Facebook and other CRM softwares via Zapier. 

International DID

Toll free, local, mobile and golden numbers in 100+ cities of 70+ countries

IRV and Call Hunting

Unlimited layers of automated phone attendant and multiple queue ringing.

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