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Solution for the F & B Industry

To be competitive in one of the most rapidly growing industries, companies in F&B are struggling to stay on top of understanding millennial preferences, employing key technology, yet remaining cost-effective. Fortunately, they can rely on cloud technologies and its ability to empower a new era of agile businesses to accomplish all of these.


Consistent professionalism

Our system will ensure that your customers can reach the right agent in the most time-efficient manner and none of your customers will ever be left unanswered, avoiding loss of business. Moreover, each layer of the IVR can operate separately with different numbers from 100+ cities in *70+ countries.

Deep customer insight

Managers now can track the online and offline sources of prospects calling you. This will give you valuable insight on how your sales leads are interacting with prospects and how they are finding your website. You can then optimize your advertising effort towards the effective channels sending the highest traffic to your website.

More visibility into performance

You will be able to monitor your staff performance any time from the real-time performance dashboard that is only a few clicks away; you can check their availability, SLA, pickup and abandoned rate to direct manpower and resources to where they are most needed.

Mobile time attendance check-in

Allow your office and part-time staff to check-in/out rapidly with Biometric features. Supervisors can set lateness and have more visibility into the employees’ movements during their work hours such as their clock-in and clock-out times and location via GPS.

Automated payroll for time-based salary

Time Log App sends time data to Payroll App to automate the calculation for time-based salary process. It gives you the flexibility to customise your own payroll rules and help you handle all payroll scenarios and works best even for part-time salary.

Why B3Networks for

F & B

B3Networks’ outstanding, all-inclusive system offers any F&B business the excellent customer service, marketing performance and customer insight they need to thrive in this ever challenging industry. Thousands of enterprise in the industry have seen how our top-tier cloud solutions transform the way they execute daily chores and decrease their communication costs. VoIP phone or cloud PBX, call recording, customer tracking, performance analytics, Do-Not-Call compliance, SMS, live chat or fax - these extensive range of applications with different sets of functionalities will allow you to tailor the system and pay for just what you need.

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