Cut Cost, have more Control and SECURITY

Solution for the Government Sector

Efficiency and good customer service should be part of the government ethos since citizens are expecting the same level of service that they get from the private sector. Thus, to build confidence of citizens in public service, government agencies like you need to empower your team with communication tools that help you increase response times and expand connectivity while staying within a tight budget.


Better collaboration

Different communication methods are supported by one platform: high quality phone call, mobile conference, instant SMS, fax, live chat. You can communicate with your team any time by any method convenient to you no matter where you are.

Performance transparency

Our solution lets you monitor your agent performance any time from the real-time performance dashboard that is just a few clicks away; you can check their availability, SLA, pickup and abandoned rate to direct manpower and resources to where they are most needed.

More security

B3Networks uses a combination of automated and manual security measures to protect your accounts from being hacked. With multiple security layers such as 2FA, country and IP whitelists, and PIN code, our solutions can give government agencies safety and peace of mind when making every single transaction.

Unrestricted mobility and scalability

The Bizphone mobile app and call forwarding features will help produce a more efficient and dynamic mobile workforce for government agencies. And the extension-based module will allow you to scale your system in small increments to exactly fit your communication need.



We will bring your whole communication system on cloud, thereby minimizing costs for device, maintenance and support; international calls are charged at local cost or even free. Therefore, our solution is considered good value for money for public organizations that need to keep pace with advanced technology within a tight budget.

Why B3Networks for


B3Networks’ range of customizable solutions from Cloud PBX, Do-Not-Call, Call Center, SMS, Fax to Call Tracking will help you deliver better services and enhance work efficiency of every agents. You can handle expanding workload effectively by auto-directing people to the right agent when needed, and track the behaviour of every department and agent even when they are overseas. Our technical experts will ensure that the transition from your legacy system to B3Networks modern and cost-effective system is as simple and fast as possible.

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