Unify Offices and Simplify Cross-National COMMUNICATION

Solution for The Logistics Industry

It has never been more important for the logistics industry to rely on advanced IT solution to handle the dynamism of globalisation. The right communication system will help you unify all your offices and simplify cross-national communication of your team. It will also give you instant traceability, visibility and transparency of your orders.


Instant communication

With our BizPhone mobile app, your international team can stay connected uninterruptedly regardless of where they go. Inter-office staffs can instantly update delivery status, order changes, or traffic situation even in the most challenging situation to improve customer satisfaction

More local


Our DNI technology will automatically detect whether the viewer is from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, or any other country and show a respective local number to them. This will increase your global presence and give visitors a sense that you are next door.

Feature rich phone


Regardless of your company size, you can easily set up voice greetings and create phone extensions to forward calls anywhere: office, mobile or home. Other built-in features like call hunting, call recording, conferencing and call transfer will help enhance your team efficiency

Low call


B3Networks is a price leader in the industry who allows you to call anywhere in the world at literally a fraction of the rates you would normally pay. Best of all, you can make unlimited calls to numbers of the same network for free.

Mobile time attendance check-in

Allow your drivers and dispatchers to check-in/out onsite or at office rapidly. Coordinators and manager will have more visibility into the employee’s movements during their work hours such as their clock-in and clock-out times and location via GPS.

Why B3Networks for


Pioneering in cloud technology, B3Networks can make cross-national communication of your transnational team simplest, cheapest and fastest. It will connect your staff from any location of the world instantly free of charge and allow you to call any off-net international numbers at lowest call rates. This not only reduces your phone bills but also allows your team and customers to track the status of their shipments in real-time. Besides, the call center tool will simplify the way you monitor and evaluate your team performance; all data is gathered and analyzed for you to act proactively to improve customer service.

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