Fully automated process with more compliance and


Solution for the Property Industry

High technology solutions have helped many industries, including real estate, augment their business benefits. But for a long time, property agencies have resorted to different static system for call, sms, fax, marketing, task scheduling, payroll, time tracking and performance management. An all-inclusive and mobile communication system will streamline your tasks and boost your productivity.


More mobility and flexibility

It’s crucial for real estate agents to never miss a call as it may mean an important deal. Thus, our mobile app will give you the ability to always have a consistent professional presence for all calls on your mobile, desk phone or laptop wherever you are.

Low off-net call rate and free on-net calls

The Bizphone mobile app of B3Networks will allow you to call your colleagues’ extensions or any numbers of the same network for free. Make international calls to anywhere in the world at literally a fraction of the rates you would normally pay. Best of all, you can make unlimited calls to numbers of the same network for free

Automated DNC compliance

By using our solution, you will be able to stay efficient and compliant with the PDPA and DNC. You can have free automatic filtering of DNC numbers when you make cold calls, send SMS blast or fax campaigns.

Performance comparison

With just a few extra dollars per month, you can scientifically test and analyze the effectiveness of your web or SEO solutions because Call Tracking can gather all the data you need to demonstrate ROI, allowing you to optimize your advertising efforts towards the effective channels that are sending the highest converting traffic to your website.



Our solution is cloud-based, thereby minimizing costs for device, maintenance and support. Especially international calls are charged at local costs and internal call and calls to numbers of the same network are free. This will cut communication expenses of companies with heavy call volume like yours.  

Why B3Networks for


B3Networks solutions will streamline your internal and external communication process and bring all above tools together in a unique cloud platform to foster your efficiency, mobility and profits. You will be able to connect with your team and customers whether you are on the property sites or in office by phone call, mobile conference, SMS, fax, or chat. Besides the functionalities of *an advanced call center, HR and Marketing suite, our solution also offers a one-of-a-kind automated DNC compliance that checks your calls, SMSes and faxes against DNC and your internal blacklist in real time, ensuring complete legal compliance with optimal efficiency for your telemarketing efforts.

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