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Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is designed to fit your company workflow and help boost your work productivity. Regardless of your company size, you can easily set up voice greetings, create phone extensions to forward calls anywhere: office, mobile or home.

Enterprise specialized

IVR, call hunting queue, ring group, call transfer, conference, call recording, etc., all business-specialized features are integrated in a phone line.

Easy to customize and scale

Cloud PBX allows you to easily mix and match and extend the system to fit your requirements.

Cost saving and hassle free

With low hardware cost, subscription, and call rates, rewiring your phone system to the cloud minimizes your expenses and hassle.

Constantly connected

With your phone or PC connected to the internet, you can always make and receive business calls from anywhere.

Free on-net calls

Calls to any numbers of the same network are all free while off-net calls are charged at a fraction of the normal rates.

Integration with other apps

Landline, mobile, toll-free or golden DID numbers are available for you to increase your global presence.

Testimonial by Customer

"We have been very careful in choosing a new communication system for our sales and customer service offices in 2 countries. The Cloud PBX is a flexible, scalable and secure solution. Running the PBX on the cloud allows us not to be tied to a particular type of hardware. Having this kind of flexibility and redundancy is critical in a fast-paced operation”


- Aishah, Manager at Aswed Associates

More Cloud PBX Features


Unlimited layers of automated phone attendant

Call Hunting

Simultaneous and multiple queues ringing

Mobile App

Mobile app and desktop portal to make calls and update call settings

Make & Receive Calls

Make & receive calls from IP Phone, Softphone, or Mobile

Call Transfer

Call transfer within internal extensions or external numbers

Missed Call Notification

Text-to speech missed call message and voicemail notification to email


Call conference with numbers of  internal or external network

International DID

Toll free, landline, mobile and golden numbers in 70+ countries

Secured Usage

Usage control, blacklist, whitelist, data encryption and firewalls

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