Enriched Customer EXPERIENCE

Cloud PBX Solution

Are you in need of a smart and intelligent business phone system that enables you to compete effectively with other players in today’s business sphere renowned for its fast pace and swift delivery?


B3Networks Cloud PBX is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that helps you to compete on the same level with other reputable brands. Are you willing to enjoy the same high-tech features that are specially set aside for huge budgets? Our solution enables you to custom build your phone system to fit your business needs. You can easily setup voice greetings, create phone extensions to forward calls anywhere: office, mobile or home.

Call Center Solution

Take advantage of the B3Networks call center- (an Omni channel) to convert your contact center into a tactical business asset.


It is Smart Solution that entails the application of a cloud contact center solution that utilizes predictive analytics to reduce the operational expenses and enhance business performance.

Call Tracking Solution

Many businesses setup cold calling and various marketing campaigns and then they hope, or perhaps even assume that it is working well. But they would not know which forms of marketing, are generating the conversions. Thus most marketers fail to effectively track phone leads and the success rates of these leads.


Call tracking can help them do this quickly and easily. Call tracking allows businesses to know which marketing channels are driving phone calls and to stop wasting money on marketing that isn’t working.

Seamless Integration with Multiple Apps