Excellent Customer Experience and PERFORMANCE INTELLIGENCE

Smart Contact Center

Our all-in-one multichannel contact center solution makes it easier for customers to get in touch by any way they want, whether by call or chat. It is also ideal for call centers of any size that need to monitor and control performance indicators to maximize work productivity.

Better Customer Service

The powerful assistance from virtual and real agents will allow your customers to reach the right person in minimal time

Data access management

Different account roles are available for you in order to limit access to statistics and data to only authorized individuals

Comprehensive insight

All data including SLA average talk time, pickup and abandoned rate is gathered and analyzed to give you a rich source of customer intelligence

Greater work efficiency

Pop-up script before and note window after each call allows you to prepare in advance and leave notes for the next step of action

Improved performance

Performance statistics are available for all levels, whether agent, team or the whole company, for easier decision making

Seamless integration

One-of-a-kind Auto Do-Not-Call Numbers filtering, Call Tracking, CRM integration tools and DID number in 70+ countries give you the automation and insight that truly drive your productivity

Testimonial by Customer

"We have been very careful in choosing a new communication system for our sales and customer service offices in 2 countries. The Cloud PBX is a flexible, scalable and secure solution. Running the PBX on the cloud allows us not to be tied to a particular type of hardware. Having this kind of flexibility and redundancy is critical in a fast-paced operation”


- Aishah, Manager at Aswed Associates

More Features

Performance Statistics

Real time analytics and insight into individual and group performance

Call Hunting

Simultaneous and multiple queues ringing

Mobile App

Mobile app and desktop portal to make calls and update call settings

Customized queue

Unlimited number of ring queue for each team to better track performance


Unlimited layers of automated phone attendant

CRM Integration

Freshdesk, desk.com, Uservoice, Zendesk, Webhook

Popup Script & Note

Answer script popup for better customer interaction and note taking pop-up fo task handling

International DID

Toll free, landline, mobile and golden numbers in 70+ countries

Secured Usage

Usage control, blacklist, whitelist, data encryption and firewalls

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